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The Gospel of John Part 1 | Club 119 Study Journal

The Gospel of John Part 1 | Club 119 Study Journal

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Dive into the Gospel of John with this thoughtfully designed Bible Study Journal. This journal is not just a notebook; it’s your personal guide to exploring the wonderful truths within the Gospel of John using the inductive Bible study method.


🔍 What sets the Gospel of John Bible Study Journal apart?

  • Inductive Bible Study Guidance: Dig into the treasures of the Gospel of John through the power of inductive study. The observation, interpretation, and application prompts will help you explore the text, dig into context, find application.
  • Ample Note-Taking Space: Everyone takes notes differently so this journal isn’t excessive with the prompts and you’ll find plenty of room to capture your insights, reflections, and discoveries. Your journaling journey deserves space that can both capture your style & preferences as well as keep you focused and on task!
  • Embrace Messy Notes: Ditch the Instagram-worthy notes that are perfectly scripted & color-coordinated and embrace the messy notes! If you struggle with perfectionism and the desire to make sure your notes are picture perfect, allow me to release you from that expectation and free you to write your notes in the way that makes sense to you. Be messy, use your favorite writing tools, cross things out, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This is a workbook for your personal use, not an art piece to impress people with. Focus more on getting your thoughts on paper as you explore the text rather than making sure everything on the page looks good. (P.S. if you are naturally a neat note-taker, more power to you and keep up the good work!).
  • No-Fluff Design: I don’t want to mess with your personal style. Maybe you like to doodle or use your carefully chosen color code. Maybe you like stickers and and fun sticky notes. Or maybe minimal is your jam and you don’t like a lot of flash. Either way, I didn’t add a bunch of repetitive designs to clash with your personal note-taking preferences. Fill the pages your way, Friend!
  • Practical Application: The Gospel of John isn’t just a story about a good guy who did some pretty cool things; it’s the story of the Son of God. John wrote his gospel “so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” John 20:31 ESV. The lessons in this journal are designed to lead you to practical & biblically-sound application so you can walk in the truth you have learned!

🎉 Imagine the Journey:

  1. Engage: Learn to engage your curiosity by learning to ask questions as you study.
  2. Explore: Hone your study skills by practicing careful observation, interpretation, application. Read commentaries, check dictionaries, handbooks, and other reference works, and explore the good work others have given use as you journey through John and capture all your findings in the pages of this journal.
  3. Experience: Embrace the transformative power of the Gospel’s message as you connect it to your personal journey.
  4. Embed: Allow the story of Jesus to change your life and lead you to live well and stay focused on the glory of God and the love of others.

🌟 Whether you’re new to Bible study or a seasoned explorer of the Word, the Gospel of John Bible Study Journal will take your Bible study to the next level. It’s not just another journal; it’s your trusted companion on your journey towards knowing Jesus better.


This journal will guide you through The Gospel of John, chapters 1-10. You can continue your study in John with The Gospel of John Part 2.

  • 188-page PDF (including front and back covers)
  • 16 Lessons
  • Appendix that includes an excerpt of The Club 119 Bible Study Handbook

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The Club 119 Collective brings together women who love Jesus and want take their journey in the Bible to the next level. We cultivate strong, personal Bible engagement skills & practices all while creating lasting connections with sisters in Christ so that we can boldly & beautifully live for the glory of God and the love of others.

You don’t have to be a Club 119 member to use this journal but you are abso-tively invited to join us!

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